Silk’n Therapy

Silk'n Therapy

Silk'n Therapy treats Chronic pain, Trauma pain, Sport pain and menstrual pain

399 Eur

The only FDA-cleared home-use device featuring the patented synergy of 3 energy sources to gain pain relief and help the body heal itself*:
3-E powerful technology treats the pain at its source, while optimizing and accelerating the body’s repair mechanisms to expedite the healing process.

Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) – deep penetration technology that reaches the muscles and joints and increases blood circulation to treat the source of the pain.*
Dual Optical Energy – Light with dual wavelengths: (IR) Infrared and red spectrum to treat muscle spasms.
LLLT – Low Light Laser Therapy for treating skin pain and stiffness.


Osta: 399 Eur