Lanaform Lumino Plus

Lanaform Lumino Plus

Overcome those winter blues with the Lumino Plus light therapy device

169 Eur

Lanaform’s Lumino Plus lamp is a light therapy device that reproduces natural light for recovering tone, vitality and wellness. A 20-minute session each day is all it takes to feel fitter.
14,000 Lux: Same light intensity as natural light

The Lumino Plus light therapy device produces natural white light with a bright light up to 14,000 lux. This revitalising light has the same effect on the body as a summer’s day.

In fact, in order to maintain an internal equilibrium, the body and, more specifically, the eyes need a level of brightness diffused by the sun of at least 2,000 lux. In winter, the level of brightness is only 500 lux. Our body produces a large quantity of a hormone called melatonin which may produce the following disturbances: drowsiness and apathy, irritability, insomnia, shallow sleep, hormonal imbalance, depression, fall-off in activity… as many symptoms as can be grouped together under the syndrome of the winter blues.

In diffusing a natural white light close to natural light, the Lumino Plus light-therapy device will enable the body to compensate for this light deficit during less bright days and thus re-set the biological clock.
A stimulating effect with a 20-minute session each day…

The Lumino Plus lamp has 2 light intensities that can emit up to 14,000 Lux. A 20-minute session each day is enough to rediscover vitality and tone. All you have to do is place the lamp on a table, tilting it towards your face. You do not have to look at the lamp directly. You can enjoy the Lumino Plus lamp’s benefits while reading, cooking or watching TV.
100% light with no UV, safe on the eyes and skin

The natural white light of the Lumino Led light-therapy lamp uses the full spectrum of natural light, but without the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The Lumino Led is therefore safe on the eyes and skin.
Angle adjustable to 35° with stable base or wall fixings

With its large lit surface area (41 x 31cm), the Lumino Plus lamp can be placed along the arm within the field of vision. Placed slightly to the side of your table, the Lumino Plus lamp can be pointed upwards so that the light reaches your eyes. You can also fix the Lumino Plus lamp to a wall using the wall mounting supplied.

3 x 36W tubes: white natural light and no UV emission
2 adjustable light intensities: a 20-minute session each day is enough to feel better
2-in-1 use: to be used on a pedestal on a wall
Large light surface area: 41x31cm
Angle adjustable to 35° with stable base or wall fixings


Reference: LA190104
Name: Lumino Plus
Timer: non
Switches off automatically: non
Atmospheric light: non
Autonomy (hrs): 8.000
Light intensity: 14.000 lux
Type of light tubes: 3x36W
Packaging dimensions (cm) 41×31
Intensities: 2
Dimensions Packaging (cm): 38×12,5×65,8
Power (W): 108
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50
CE: Yes


Osta: 169 Eur