Lanaform Lumi Lamp

Lanaform Lumi Lamp

Day Light, the light therapy lamp helps combat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder by emitting high doses of Lux.

69 Eur

Combat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and lack of light during the autumn and winter months with the Day Light light-therapy lamp.

The Day Light light-therapy lamp works by using very bright light (around 10,000 lux*), which simulates the sun’s rays.

This warm light, with no dazzle, has a positive effect on your mood in general and on your morale if you suffer from the winter blues by daily exposure during darker days.

* 10,000 Lux at a distance of 10cm.


Very bright, regular illumination
Compact design
The light-therapy lamp filters out UV and infrared rays to protect the exposed skin.
Economical – it has a life of 8,000 hours and low energy consumption.
Ideal for use on a desk
Illuminated surface area: ø 21cm
1 E27 24W fluorescent tube


Power: 24W
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50 Hz
CE: yes
EAN ref.: 5410984060450
Weight : 0.5 Kg

Osta: 69 Eur