Lumino Plus/Genial Light Lamp

2 lamps for Lumino Plus/Genial Light

19 Eur Osta: 19 Eur

Lanaform Heating Pad

The electric heating pad by Lanaform is the ideal product for warming up in no time at all when it’s cold, damp or

Lanaform Lumino Plus

Overcome those winter blues with the Lumino Plus light therapy device

154 Eur

Lanaform’s Lumino Plus lamp is a light therapy device

Foot Bath Lanaform Bubble Footcare

49 Eur

Fitted with detachable massage rollers and acupressure points, the Bubble Footcare from Lanaform guarantees an excellent massage. Plus, it comes with

Lanaform Lumino LED (silver)

Combat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder with the Lumino LED light therapy lamp and take advantage of its atmospheric light.

129 Eur


115 Eur Osta: 115 Eur

Silk’n Therapy

Silk'n Therapy treats Chronic pain, Trauma pain, Sport pain and menstrual pain

399 Eur

The only FDA-cleared home-use device featuring the patented

Foot bubble bath Lanaform Foot Spa

25 Eur

The Foot Spa foot bubble bath gives you all the benefits of reflexology, a massage technique used in thalassotherapy. The bubbling

Lanaform Stim Mass

The Stim Mass electro-stimulator helps enhance the benefits of your physical activities and your general well-being by relaxing your muscles.

39 Eur

Lanaform Medi Stim

The ideal partner for your physical well-being, the Medi Stim electro-stimulator helps tone your muscles and reduce painful symptoms.

54 Eur