Lanaform Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails nail dryer dries fingernails and toenails with salon quality. Your hands and feet look great, and your nails are stronger.


Elektriline kannariiv Silk’n MicroPedi

Tänu puhastusotsiku suurele kiirusele eemaldatakse kõik nahapaksendid efektiivselt

24.9000 Eur

Micro Pedi on kaasaskantav seade pediküüri jaoks, mille eesmärk on

Suurendav LED peegel + Maniküüri / pediküüri komplek + Näonaha puhastusseade

122 Eur

Kolme elemendi komplekt

Suurendav peegel Lanaform LED valgusega (1 / x10 suurendusega) Maniküüri / pediküüri komplekt LANAFORM Tactile Manicure Näonaha puhastusseade

Manicure / Pedicure Device Nails Care

46 Eur

Manicure / Pedicure Device Nails Care

Care for both feet and hands Comes with 8 accessories


Manicure / Pedicure Device Nail Lamp

29 Eur

Manicure / Pedicure Device Nail Lamp

Suitable for LED and UV gels Can be used on hands and feet Timer:

Elektriline kannariiv Lanaform Dolce

54 Eur

Manicure / Pedicure Device

Abrasive and rotating disk Removes calluses

Providing real foot care, Dolce by Lanaform smoothes skin

Elektriline kannariiv Lanaform PEDILA

19.9000 Eur

Manicure / Pedicure Device Lanaform PEDILA

Electric rasp Reduces calluses Two rollers with different intensities

Your Pedila will provide incomparable

Foot Bath Lanaform Bubble Footcare

49 Eur

Fitted with detachable massage rollers and acupressure points, the Bubble Footcare from Lanaform guarantees an excellent massage. Plus, it comes with

Foot bubble bath Lanaform Foot Spa

40 Eur

The Foot Spa foot bubble bath gives you all the benefits of reflexology, a massage technique used in thalassotherapy. The bubbling

Naha noorendamise seade Lanaform Beauty Aspect

Lanaform Beauty Aspect Cellulite Massager aitab tselluliiti ja kortsude vastu võidelda

298 Eur

The Beauty Aspect has been specifically designed to treat